Monday, November 28, 2011


there are plenty of stories about this particular school i got in which is the thirty one senior high school, such as the horror story of an empty seat (re: bangku kosong). lol. well, i dont really know whether its true or not but a lot of students think that it might be true. i dont believe in such stories like that, but if its really true then i think i have to be more careful on doing things around this school. lol again. well that doesnt really matter anyway because i love this school as much as i love the students and the teachers. here are a few teachers that teaches in my science class, and  they are, 

1. our homeroom teacher is Mrs. Rukiyah or usually called Mrs. Kiki. she teach physics at all science class.
2. Mrs. Agnes. she teaches Chemistry at all of the science class
3. Mr. Us Us. he teaches Mathematics at science 1-3. but at Science 4, Mrs. Risma teaches them.
4. Mrs. Sulastri. she teaches Biology at all of science class.
5. Mr. Wawan. he teaches nationalition and history at al off science class
6. Mam Rodelina. she teaches English at all of science class.
7. Mr. Rinto. he teaches Design or something like that means i don't even know the name.
8. Mr. Desy Aulia. she teaches Indonesian Language at science 1-2, and Mr. Sardi teaches at science 3-4.

well, that's that. see ya soon<3

Monday, November 7, 2011

this particullar school i got in...

alright as you may know, i'm an elevnth grader science class in 31 Senior High School, Jakarta. and yeah, we've talk about my beloved class on the earlier post. so this time i'm about to tell you a little bit of something about my school, generally.
this school is the largest school building in the East Jakarta Area. yeah, its great. and this school is really green and organized. there are thirty classes in this school. ten classes for the tenth grader, ten classes for the eleventh grader, and also ten classes for the twelfth grader. the teachers and staff here are very nice and kind. the headmaster is so generous too. there are plenty of extracurricular in this school such as Basketball, the choir, futsal, badminton, volleyball, photography, english club, deutsch club, rohis, rohkris, taekwondo, merpati putih, cheerleaders, dance, and so much more. i'm in the basketball team my self, because i love playing basketball. this picture was taken when my basketball team is having a game with the seniors basketball team 1984. it was quiet fun though, i'm not the official player yet on the team.

Monday, October 24, 2011


Alright, here's another blog of me. i'm Veren by the way, i owned  i created this blog for my school project. yeah, sounds lame, but whatever right? lol. 

so, this time i'm gonna tell you a little bit of something about my school which is 31 Senior High School. the building is kinda big for an average school size. it is actually the largest school in East Jakarta area, and all the students, teachers and staff here is so proud to be a part of this school☺
i'm an eleventh grader. i study Science and stuff.
right now, i'm in a class of eleven science two and i love to be a part of this class because the students and trhe teachers are so incredibly fun and nice. and my class's name is ZWICE. (well, i gave that name, with an idea from my friend. so just our thoughts-_-) hell yeah! hahaha
the formteacher of my class is Mrs. Kiki and she really is a kind person, she teaches physics. my deskmate in the class is Nadya Maharani. My closest friends in the class is probably Michael, Distya, Rizky, Indra, Farhan, Awalia, and the duo Nadya^^ but you know, still everybody is my friends.

it kinda stressful being in a science class and to be perfectly honest i really am stressed out and struggling right now. i cant stop worrying about the assignments, projects and let alone the fact that the homeworks is never absent from any day-_____- but you know, this is what i want, and i love studying about chemical and biology and stuff so i'm trying to enjoy every single day that i spent in this science class. thank god, the friends and the teachers are so supporting and friendly, and that really what makes everything is so worth it☺
but, for all the teachers, please for god sake, give me one day off from homeworks!>< hehehehe